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Graduation Show

_Graduation Show

Visuals for Beckmans Graduation Show 2018, a fashion show at Kulturhuset in Stockholm.
Made in collaboration with Hedda Wallén and Louise Silfversparre.

The visuals we made were displayed onto the catwalk as an intro to every collection in the fashion show. In a pitch black large room with a square runway we projected the visuals onto the floor, combining two large projectors and covering an area of 10 meters.

All text sequences were displayed from two angles so all people in the audience could see it. Above is a sketch to visualize the projection's placement in the room, surrounded by seating.

Our aim was to interpret every collection and display their key elements. We did a lot of research beforehand to be able to summarize the feeling of each collection into a 10 seconds long animation, displaying only one element.

Fashion by Anastasia Jansäter, Felicia Halén Fredell, Amanda Borgfors Mészàros & Dat Dahn.